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Vegums go global and launch in Germany

Vegums are proud to announce they have officially launched their innovative range of gummy bear vitamins into Germany. The move into Germany allows Vegums to start paving the way for a full european expansion, with plans to build more distribution centres around europe.

Expanding into Germany is the next logical step for Vegums, as their range of vitamin gummy bears has seen huge growth and success in the UK. As Vegums expand into Germany, they open the path to push their expansion into more European countries and create more distribution centres around Europe.

John, the Vegums director had this to say:

‘We are really proud to be launching into Germany and expanding the Vegums brand. Expanding into Germany is a great move, our vitamins have had a lot of success in the UK, and we want to be able to grow that success in the rest of Europe’.

Using their recent investment from shareholders, Vegums have created a brand new German website with new exciting content designed for the German market. This new website will allow German customers to be able to order their favourite gummy bear vitamins using Euro pricing. Along with the website, Vegums have created new packaging with full German translations, making it easier for their new customers to digest the information. 

Vegums have been well established within the UK now for 2 years. During this time they have grown rapidly, now shipping out over 9000 packets of gummy vitamins each month. This success has come through creating a vitamin that’s both easy to take and improves the mood, mind, and body of their customers. One customer review of Vegums said ‘Vegums Multivitamin and Omega-3 have really helped my brain fog go away, and have given me more energy in my day to day!’.

Vegums only use true vegan ingredients curated by two vegan pharmacists, not using any animal-based ingredients such as gelatin or sugar refined with bonemeal. They only use biodegradable or compostable materials in their packaging, avoiding the use of plastics and progressively reducing their carbon footprint.

Vegums have created a brand new distribution channel from the UK, utilising DHL’s priority tracked delivery to ensure a quick, environmentally friendly delivery to German customers. This new delivery route to Germany and Europe has the advantage of a 2-4 day delivery, meaning Vegums European customers can now expect a much quicker delivery. 

Operations director, Glen Parker said:

‘Using this new delivery route will ensure our German and European customers receive their packages quickly, safely, and in great condition. Shipping goods overseas is always a challenge, but with our new DHL delivery service, we’re confident shipping our vitamins will never be easier.’

Vegums have continually gone from strength to strength; starting with their original multivitamin, they have expanded their range to an omega-3 and iron vitamin, and a brand new sugar-free A-Z multivitamin. As Vegums move into the German and European market, they look to grow to new heights and soon plan to be a household name, not only in the UK but across all of Europe. 

View the Vegums Germany site here: