Family festive activities

The countdown to Christmas is now on! You want to make sure this special holiday is enjoyed by the whole family, but planning activities to do is easier said than done. To help you and your family get into the festive spirit, we’ve listed a selection of fun things for everyone to get involved in.

Create Festive Christmas Cards

Get crafty with it! Adding a personal touch to the cards you send out to your loved ones is a fantastic way to not only show you care, but also to use up leftovers from gift wrapping, old decorations or even old cards. You could even get the whole family involved, think how cute it would be during the winter holidays to spend time together getting creative!

If you’re stuck for creative inspiration why not go out and take photos of your favourite places, bonus points if you manage to snap some photos of robins in the snow! Use these photos as inspiration and you might even find more bits and bobs to use as decoration on your cards. 

Bake Festive Vegan Treats!

You’d be surprised how many of your traditional Christmas treats can be turned into delicious vegan alternatives. You can enjoy everything from a decadent Christmas cake to mince pies! Baking as a family is a great way to get everyone involved and into the festive spirit.

Baking as a family means your children will be able to see how they can work as a team to reach a common goal, even if that common goal is cake! Giving them particular jobs shows them they can all come together and create your baked goods.

Follow the link below and find your favourite Christmas baking recipe. Each recipe is perfect for anyone who might have allergies to animal products (milk, eggs, etc) or for those trying to focus on a plant-based diet this holiday season. 

Get baking: 

Family Christmas Baking

Create Salt Dough Decorations

Making salt dough is a really fun and easy activity for kids and the chances are you will have all of the ingredients in the cupboard ready to go on a rainy day.

Salt dough decorations are an amazing way to decorate your family tree. Simple salt dough decorations are easy and fun to make. Kids and adults alike can get creative and decorate to their hearts desire. Once created, they make beautiful Christmas decorations to hang on your tree, but with that personal touch. 

Salt dough ingredients:

  • 1 cupful of plain flour (about 250g)
  • half a cupful of table salt (about 125g)
  • half a cupful of water (about 125ml)

How to make your decorations:

  1. Preheat the oven to its lowest setting and line a baking sheet with baking parchment
  2. Mix the flour and salt in a large bowl. Add the water and stir until it comes together into a ball.
  3. Transfer the dough to a floured work surface and shape into your chosen model. You can roll it out and cut out shapes, numbers or letters using biscuit cutters, or make any kind of model you can think of. We made some fruit and veg shapes plus cupcakes for a teddy bear’s picnic.
  4. Put your finished items on the lined baking sheet and bake for 3 hrs or until solid.
  5. Leave to cool and then paint.

Decorate Gingerbread Men

Nothing gets you more in the holiday spirit than gingerbread men! Decorating gingerbread men as a family is perfect for a wintery Sunday afternoon. Let the Christmassy smell of ginger float through your home and get the whole family excited for Christmas.

To help you on your quest to make your Christmas that bit more eco-friendly, we have a simple vegan version of gingerbread. Simply shape it into gingerbread people and everyone get stuck into decorating them!

Follow the link here for a quick 30 minute vegan gingerbread recipe:

Gingerbread Baking

Have a Craft Day

There is something truly special about sitting down with a Christmas music playing or a fun holiday film to watch, a festive treat to eat, and a holiday project you love working on. There’s no better time of year to get together and craft things as a family.

Some easy festive crafting ideas that the whole family can enjoy are Christmas cards, creating a Christmas wreath, snowy mason jars, or tree light snowmen!

You know we love an upcycling opportunity, why not use your old Vegums tubes in your crafts?

Just follow the link here, pick your favorite and get crafting! 

We always love to see what you guys come up with, if you follow any of our ideas please tag us on social media!