Raising children vegan!

Switching to a vegan lifestyle can be tough, especially if your child has been eating meat and junk food for a while. We believe that the switch to veganism is worth it though, and here are our reasons why you should switch to raising your child the vegan way!

Teach them to be compassionate towards animals

Eating vegan teaches children that we should respect the environment and the creatures that are living in it. Instead of seeing animals as just food and devaluing their lives, they’ll appreciate that they were able to see all the different animals that are on this planet and their healthy lifestyle means that animal communities will start to thrive and grow again.

Contribute to the sustainability of the planet

A plant-based diet will mean that the environmental impact your child has will be significantly reduced. Their carbon footprint would drop by a whopping 73%, meaning that the Earth would be one step closer to reaching net-zero emissions and reducing global warming to under 2 degrees. Once net-zero is achieved then the planet can finally start to recover from the damage it has endured.

healthy vegan food

Set them up for long-term health

Research has shown that plaque buildup in arteries starts during your childhood, and that a healthy plant-based diet results in lower chances of childhood obesity. Vegans are also known to have a lower blood-sugar level, meaning they are less likely to develop diabetes. A vegan diet means that your child will lead a long and happy life.

Vegan is cheaper

A vegan shopper is known to spend less money on their shopping. On average, the Vegan substitutes for different fish and meat are 40% cheaper. By the end of the year you will have saved over £600. With all that extra money you could then book a nice holiday for the family to enjoy or if you keep saving up that extra money, then use it to help your children out when they reach adulthood.

Experience a variety of plant foods

As your child is growing, they’ll need to eat a large variety of fruit and vegetables in order to receive the nutrients that they need. They can receive calcium from foods like leafy greens and tofu, iron from pulses and dried fruits and omega 3 fatty acids from flaxseed and walnuts. The wide range of foods means that your child’s taste palette will expand drastically, encouraging them to keep on trying new things and enhance their childhood experiences.

All in all, switching your child to a plant-based diet will not only help them live a more healthy life, it’ll help reduce the impact of global warming on the planet, and might even save you a bit more money!

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