Certified Vegan Vitamins

Vegums launch into the US

Hey there! It’s your local vegan vitamin experts, Vegums! Yes, that’s right, we’ve finally gone global! We’re just a small business with a big American dream.

So what does this mean? You can now shop on and all orders will be shipped directly from our New York-based headquarters. Pretty neat, huh?! 

In the words of our CEO John: “It’s crazy to think that less than 3-years ago we were packing orders in a tiny warehouse in St.Helens on the top floor of Allied Pharmacies, now we’ve just launched into the biggest market in the world…in the middle of a global pandemic! It’s a monumental leap for Vegums, one that is going to create so many exciting opportunities”

So how does our USA launch help you and the planet? Just carry on reading…

Reduced carbon footprint – Delivery of our little gummy bear vitamins used to be from the UK, which sadly could take up to 4 weeks. Our current US customers have been asking for quicker delivery, so we’ve listened. We have set up distribution on the east coast, which can deliver US orders from as quick as 2 days!

Quicker delivery time – As stated above, your looking at a delivery time as quick as 2 days! It’s much more eco-friendly as it doesn’t have to come across the entire atlantic, and it still arrives as plastic free as it did before.

Removing plastic from USA – It’s no myth that nearly all vitamins and supplements arrive wrapped in far too much plastic. The plastic bottles and wrappers they arrive in are the scourge of our oceans, that’s why Vegums promise to never use a single piece of plastic. Instead, all of our wrappers and packaging is created from cellulose, making it 100% biodegradable and compostable. 

Everytime you buy Vegums, you’re helping stop that extra bit of plastic from reaching landfills and our ocean.

We want to say a massive thank you to all of you for making this possible, and we can’t wait to get our vitamins and supplements into more hands than ever before.